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    The buttons have a different design, color and transparency

  • Side by side at unified system


    where each with its own set of control buttons

    language support and design choices

  • DIN Mounting

    Wall mounting
    or desktop use

  • Configuration software

    Configuration software Sankaj helps you quickly and easily
    set the parameters and functions of system.
    Implement control and monitoring events of all units
    in real-time.

  • Up to 3600 modules and up to 200 in each scenarios in a single system

    Individuāli IT risinājumi

  • IR remote controls support
  • Smart Home Automation

    SanKaj is a complete control system built on the full-function modules, linked a wired and wireless interfaces.

    The system may consist one or many modules, connected to Ethernet network by WiFi so you can scale your lighting system from a room, to a floor, to a building and beyond. Each module uses time schedules, push buttons, switches and sensors to control lighting, electrical appliances and heating.

    Development of the system can start with a one module, which allows to control the variety of functions in the apartment. For example, the following devices can be connected to single module:

    Up to 8 digital temperature sensors to control heating and air conditioning

    3 light sensors to control blinds and lighting equipment

    Eight inputs for connection of switches, buttons, door and window magnetic contacts, motion and flood detectors, IR receivers for remote controls

    Eight connectors for electrical appliances or lights

    Four dimmer circuit for brightness control of light and LED lamps

    Control of all devices used programmable functions: time schedule, the conditions, the values ​​of the sensors and the selected modes, with which you can build different scenarios.

    SanKaj provides benefits for:
    Designers and Facility Managers, Installers and Electrical Contractors, System Integrators and the Buildings Owners or Tenants.

  • Household devices

    Sankaj can be used to build intelligent applications for home equipment. Complete package module various interfaces and flexible functions, makes it very easy to create a control device for light, ventilation and keeping the heat in the bathroom, closet or another room.

    Use of motion sensors can automatically turn on and off lights, set the delay to turn off ventilation and enable ventilation at high humidity. Weight sensor can monitor the animals visiting the tray and automatically activate the ventilation to remove odors.

    The control unit has three operating modes. This function can be used to disconnect power from the electrical outlet and dangerous electrical appliances available to children in order to avoid injuries. Switching between modes allows you to change the parameters of functions, their availability and time schedules.

    You can set modes: day, night, or standby. Each mode can have different settings for temperature, light, and functions. In day mode can be used all the appliances and light, night mode can be used only by the night lighting and quiet appliances. In standby mode, you can implement a short-term effect of the presence simulating lights on at the premises.

    If you forgot to turn off appliances or light, with a single switch or a remote control, you can turn off all the lights in all the rooms or floor equipped with system Sankaj. At night, you can switch using a single switch on the light path to avoid collisions with furniture and not to wake the neighbors.

    System can be used to control other devices in the house and yard. Fountains, lighting, illumination, gates, etc..

  • For your ideas and fun

    Our aim is to provide you with every available resource to help you make the best use of SanKaj products.

    If you have a task that requires an automated control system, or you need a specific function for the project, SanKaj can help develop, in accordance with the requirements.

    If you wish to receive more information about the project and specifications, please contact us with your details and requirements.

    Custom Solutions

    Do you have an unusual control scenario?

    Our team would be pleased to discuss your requirements and develop a custom solution tailored to your needs.

    Just contact us with your requirements and your contact details.

  • Specialized modules allow to build a cheaper system