Automation Universal Module



Universal Module for smart home control, or as a control device for electrical appliances can operate independently or to arrange a unified system.

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Supply voltage 12 VDC (12 to 24 VDC) @ 0,28 A
Mini USB 2.0 1 x full speed 12 Mb/s
Digital radio 1 x IEEE 802.15.4, 2.405-2.48 GHz , 16 channels (option)
Serial BUS 1 x up to 110kbps, 1200m 26AWG twisted-pair wire
Relay output 8 x 30VDC 5A, 250VAC 10A, relays 1&2 combined for AC or DC motor connection, cosF 1
Digital input 8 x 0~30V or Open/Close contacts up to 20Hz or IR receivers connections
Analog output 4 x 0~10V±0.5% of FSR, 0~20 mA, Dimming step 0.039V, 256 levels, fade 0.2ms
Analog input 2 x analog sensors connections, 10-bit, ±0.5% of FSR
Digital output 1 x 5VDC, 15mA
Interfaces 1 x I2C/SMBus for 8 digital sensors connection or 1-wire (option) +5VDC, 20mA
Audio input 1 x 10-bit, ±0.5% of FSR
Audio output 1 x 40Hz-1kHz, rectangular, buzzer
built-in sensors 1 x Internal temperature sensor
Colored LED 3 x LED Indicationg state and errors with disable indicating function
Operating temperature −30°C to 85°C
RoHS Compliant Satisfy

More info

Universal module SKC14-U2R1 is designed to control electrical appliances, lights, motors, latches, locks, valves, etc., and can also transmit and receive control signals for other systems such as alarm system, DVR, heating, ventilated areas, etc. The module can be used in a house, apartment, office or in other systems as a control device. Flexible software allows the module to work independently and in conjunction with other modules in the network.


Dimension 112 x 82 x 48 mm (W x D x H)
Mounting DIN-rail, lengyh 110mm
Power Input 12 VDC (10,5 to 24 VDC) @ 0,28 A
Power Consumption 4 W
Operating Temperature -30 ~ 85° C
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 85° C
Humidity 15 ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
Reset and Clear buttons


Programming of system from PC, Windows based free software SKC14-A1R3 or later versions.
Download original OS and Updates
Maximum modules 3600 in the single network
Programmed configuration count of Clusters and Modules in Cluster
Supports multiple consoles with real-time control of all resources and alarm events.
Multilingual, English default


Function is any action that can be executed on a local or an external module.
State the function is true or false for:
Level, Step, Counter and Sensors, where comparison values is based on the < ,=, >,
or State of Digital input, Relay, Analog output, Flag and so on, where logic is based on "On" or "Off".

8 Digital Input can be configured as Switch/Transparent or IR receiver
Switch/Transparent options: StartUP, Inverting or not.
Detection: Close, Open, Short and Long states of Digital inputs and execute programmed Functions. Setting time 0,05 – 3sec.
One Input has up to 16 IR Functions, total 128 IR Functions in the module.
One IR Receiver can handling all 128 IR Functions, as well any sets of IR Receivers can do it.
IR Coding: RC5, SIRCS, RECS80, NEC, Motorola, Samsung or any compatible. Key Repeat time settings 0,05 – 3 sec.
30 Group Functions, each consist list up to 8 Functions.
Mode: "All at once", "Cycle steps", "Onse step by step", "Steps and ending off".
The first 16 of 30 Group Functions have Step mode.
Group Function can be executed or overridden as turn "On" or "Off".
16 Timer Functions, Settings from 0,5sec. to 60days 23hour 58min.
16 Condition Functions, each include up to 6 “State" functions implemented with AND and OR logic.
16 Flags, set or clear sign
8 TimedIF Functions, watching "State" or "Condition" and
performs an Functions at the beginning and ending by set time delay from 0,5sec. to 60days 23hour 58min.
30 IF Condition Functions, true and false Functions according to "State" or "Condition"
16 Process Functions, monitor satisfying "State" or "Condition". Modes: StartUp, Stay, Execute while, Finish
Each Outputs start state:
   Undefined (when power up is turned off)
   On with delay till 127 seconds, step 0.5sec.
   Off, Always On, Always Off
   Protect hot start 127 minutes, step 0.5min
   Impuls (ON then OFF) up to 127 seconds, step 0.5sec.
   and Setup level and fade for Analog outputs
Modes: Day (default), Night, Mode A, Mode B
3 Counters, counts 0 - 65000, counts up / down, step size 1-65000, preset, combining
8 Level Functions, watching the sensor level and execute programmed FunctionsSetting the hysteresis and offset correction sensor readings.



I First!

I bought two units at a discount of 1.5 years ago and installed in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Convenient, quick and simple. I would extend it to other rooms.

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Automation Universal Module

Automation Universal Module

Universal Module for smart home control, or as a control device for electrical appliances can operate independently or to arrange a unified system.

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